Hawkins Tough Test

Make the Jawan
and his favourite Cooker

Every Indian is proud of the officers and men who serve in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. We all recognise their excellence and their devotion to their duty to safeguard India’s borders in the face of many hardships.

We are all very happy that the need of the jawans and their families are being met all over India so well by CSD since 1948. It is Hawkins’ privilege to be serving CSD to the best of its ability since 1963.

Hawkins Tough Test

We are grateful that Hawkins is the favourite pressure cooker of the jawans and their families. Not only are more Hawkins Pressure Cookers bought in CSD stores than any other pressure cooker, but many surveys carried out by the Defence Review have shown that the majority of the jawans’ families regard Hawkins as the best pressure cooker.

Like the jawans themselves, Hawkins Pressure Cookers are made from carefully selected material and have to undergo many tough tests to ensure the right performance and quality that endures. After all, Hawkins has to live up to the expectations of some of the toughest customers in the world!

We ensure that the very same quality pressure cookers and cookware that goes to the civil market, goes to CSD.